LPR Relux Diet

LPR Reflux Diet Guide

Patients that suffer from LPR reflux should control their diets and eating habit. Typically, LPR is treated with medications such as PPI and H2 blockers. However, if you don’t control your diet with a suitable lpr reflux diet, taking the medication will only produce a little effect in you. You should avoid fruits that are acidic such as strawberry, orange, apple and etc. Food such as garlic, onion, vinegar dressing, salad dressing and other sour food should not be eaten. Beverages that are caffeinated or carbonated should be excluded from your diet. Cigarettes and alcoholic beverages are no good because they can cause the esophageal sphincter muscle to relax. When the esophagus muscle relaxes, the acid will flow back into the throat.

Dairy product such as milk and cheese will aggravate the condition of LPR. If you want to drink milk, it must not be full cream. You can drink milk with 1 – 2% lower amount of fat compare to the full cream milk. Fat free dairy products are safe for laryngopharyngeal reflux patients. Examples of fat free dairy products you can eat include  fat free yogurt, feta cheese and etc. Breads and pastas are good for your stomach because they have ingredients that will bind the acid in your stomach. By binding the stomach acid, there is lesser chance that you will develop the laryngopharyngeal reflux. More on lpr reflux diet continued below

You should eat your dinner early so that the stomach will have enough time to digest it before you go to sleep. If you lie down immediately after dinner, you are putting pressure on the stomach. The pressure will cause the stomach acid to backwashed into the throat. During mealtime, make sure you don’t eat a large portion of meal. You should eat slowly and feed yourself a small spoon of food at a time. If you eat rashly, the laryngopharygeal reflux will occur. It is recommended that you have several small meals every day rather than a few large meals.

Before embarking on a LPR reflux diet, you should determine the type of food that cause discomfort to you. You can use a journal to record down the food that worsens the laryngopharygeal reflux symptom. You should keep on recording the food you eat for 1 week so that you can get an idea on the food that are bad for you.  After that, you should make a list of good food that will not induce the stomach to secrete acid. Examples of food you should include in the good food list include bread, steak, carrots, cabbage, fat free cream cheese, rice, cookie and jelly beans. You can find cooking recipes that use ingredients that won’t cause the stomach to secrete extreme acid. You can use the internet to search for recipes that is beneficial for your laryngopharygeal reflux condition.

You can make a list of the different types of condiments that you can enjoy without any problem to your lpr reflux diet. The good food list and bad food list should be updated frequently. You should speak to the doctor. If your laryngopharygeal reflux condition did not improve after changing the diet.